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Casino Information

Monaco Might Lose Its Status of Personal Income Tax Haven

That Monaco is crowded with celebrities is no piece of news. Since 1869, when the personal income tax policy became favorable, Monaco attracted very many individuals with high net income, such as movie stars, sporting stars etc. who became residents of the Principality in order to benefit from personal income tax exemption.

How to play Pro Blackjack

If you dont have much Blackjack experience, it can be daunting stepping up to the tables for a game. You can, however, hide the fact of your inexperience very simply by remembering these straightforward rules. Note - the rules of BlackJack will differ from area to area and from casino to casino, but the general principles are the same. When in doubt, ask!. A typical BlackJack table seats a dealer and up to 7 players. Starting with the dealer, the first seat on his left is 1st Base, while the first seat on his right is referred to as 3rd Base. In front of each players seat is a betting square, printed on the felt. Right in front of the dealer is the chip tray, while on his left is the deck a.k.a. shoe and next to that is the minimum bet sign, which tells you how expensive the table is. As a beginner, you will want to stick to the low bet tables to keep any losses under control. On the dealers right is a money drop slot. This is a security feature - casinos dont really trust their employees, and all cash and chips are deposited here to prevent leakage.

Free Roulette System That Wins

Many roulette systems have been tried out over the years, most failing miserably - a classic example would be the Martingale system, which expects you to continue doubling up on losing bets with the only certainty being that at some point it will clean you out.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. is IPO of the year

Sheldon Adelson, founder and owner of Las Vegas Sands LVS, won $690 million on December 15 2004, in the most profitable initial public offering IPO in the American gaming industry.

The Secrets of Million Dollar Home Based Business Opportunities…

That’s right…there really are million dollar home based business opportunities out there. Where Well to be honest they’re everywhere! Just like beauty being in the eye of the beholder so is opportunity. Opportunity really does greet us at every corner we turn! Opportunities are even laid out for us step by step and yet most of us either don’t see them or don’t believe what do see.

Residual Income

Hi, Im Peter Owen, Director and founder of Tall Oak Limited.

Are You A Google Junkie

Google this, Google that, Google Google Google.......

Play Online Slot Machine Game

Coin in - spin - hold your breath......Watch those symbols.....Will it or wont it Heart racing ..... the dials slow down and ITS A WINNER!!!! Three bells in a row! But wait - theres more to come - The screen is flashing, bells are ringing, and yes, it finally happened - YOU WON THE JACKPOT!!

Play Online Baccarat Game

Baccarat - the game of the rich and famous - the game of high-flyers, Hollywood stars and oil barons!



Whats With All This Fraud on the Internet

I’ve got faith in humanity, but what’s with all this fraud and theft on the Internet

GigaSlot Wireless Gaming Platform


Small Business Computer Security, the Basics

Anyone in business today realizes both the natural dependency on computers in the workplace, and also the potential dangers associated with storing important data on them. Today’s business owners are constantly being reminded that their company’s data is at risk by the daily reports on various news stations, or even their favorite business-related website. But what can a typical small business owner do to protect their network from these threats that are broadcasted in so many ways Dangers lurk at every turn on the Internet. There are thousands of attacks or areas of security that could be discussed, but I am going to try and focus on three general nuisances associated with today’s computers: viruses, spy-ware, and traditional “hackers” that will intentionally try to exploit your computer systems for various reasons. All of these attacks, although different, serve a specific purpose for the attacker, yet basically translate into three things for a business: lost productivity, lost data, and the end result… lost money. Here is brief descriptions of what the aforementioned attacks are, consist of, and what a typical small business can do to protect their technology investments.

Next-gen BitDefender Solution Adds Heuristic Spam Filters

BitDefender 8 SpamDeny, the new antispam solution for Windows workstations launched today is an advanced e-mail protection tool which features updated, as well as new filters. “I’m very satisfied with how this version has turned out, because internal testing has shown an improvement of over 35% in detection rates, over the previous version. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our users and testers, as we wouldn’t have had such a great product without their hard work, input and feedback,” said Nicolae Simon, BitDefender Product Marketing Manager.

Should Bloggers be Helping Google Fix Their PageRank System

By now, most bloggers have heard the announcement that the Big 3 search engines - Google, Yahoo, and MSN - have united in support of a new tag that will supposedly combat comment spam. The new tag is a nofollow attribute that can be added to links. When added to links in comment tags, the search engines will ignore them.

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